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Scribbling at the Height of Folly

A very quirky (very brilliant) man once said, “To take my work seriously would be the height of folly.”

The bother of being serious in that mind-hand-pen-paper dynamic rattles even the most proficient writer to the point of causing doubt. In my opinion, every folly simply needs a good edit.

Rely on your instinct.

The little impressions in my daily commute on the 6 train, the moments that imprint themselves while  I’m recharging or unwinding…these are the things that leave me rooting around in the dark abyss of my purse for a pen and the back of a receipt. You have to grab them before they dissolve completely. If you don’t keep them, they were never present.

If I were truly serious, I would probably carry a notebook.

In the spirit of my folly, a pen and some luck are good enough.


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