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The Party behind the Publisher

Walking through the doors of larger publishing companies, absorbing the grandeur, the machine, I started to wonder (and I’m sure I’m not alone) where it was that the creativity was hiding. The lobby spaces were large, intimidating,Image and particularly closed off…not so reflective of what you think these companies stand for. Even our name tags read, in bold lettering, “Unannounced Guest.”

Don’t let the façade fool you. Think of a big publishing house as one of those Nerds Gumballs (my favorite, even now). The traditional outer shell is no reflection of the flavor and creative, awesome nerds that are hiding inside!

I’ll say it again. I’ve found my people. Here are some words of wisdom from various professionals that absolutely made my day:

“Write drunk; edit sober.”

“Don’t set your trash can on fire first week on the job.”


“Hire your boss.”

Below is an actual exercise we did…hysterical! I’d love to hear your comments.


X Publishing company would like to hire three new Editorial Assistants, but these hires depend on the acquisition of one of the following three books that would be hugely profitable:

1. A book by a hateful religious extremist

2. A book by a self-justifying felon who caused the financial crisis

3. A book by Justin Bieber endorsing crystal meth and promiscuous sex for minors

What would you choose, and why?

Happy 4th!


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