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A Little Smile Goes a Long Way

I crossed the street this morning and a wild-looking giggling grandpa covered in electric pink paint blew by me on his bike wearing only a loincloth and a foam Statue of Liberty headband. This guy literally made my commute with his smile and his positive attitude…so what if he’s a little crazy?

You don’t have to be crazy approach your day, your week, and others with a smile. It sounds pretty corny, but people notice, and they feed off of it. When you smile at someone, they almost always smile back (unless he/she is just straight-up rude and dead-panning you on purpose). Smiling makes you more approachable. It’s even suggested that smiling boosts your own level of happiness!

I met a speaker from Simon & Schuster who gave me some great advice, and I think you all should take note. I’m generally a pretty smiley person anyway (I got gold star superlatives and awards like “Miss Smiles-a-Lot,” and “Miss Approachable – Highest Client Satisfaction” in high school classes and college jobs (LOL…really?), but I never thought to share the role a smile can play in an interview, or the difference it can make when meeting a professional in the field you are looking to enter.

As this great Editorial Assistant emphatically explained, “You should be smiling at least four blocks away from the place you want to work. When you’re already working there, do it anyway. Your higher-ups may not know you personally, but you never know who you’ll hold the door for or who you’ll pass in the lobby that morning.”


Just for fun, here are some smiles that may not send the right message:



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