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The Hunt

I forgot to mention…one of the biggest components of job hunting is submitting yourself to perpetual trial and error, building a resistance against feeling like a failure when your resume falls into the endless black-pit vortex of Mediabistro, and re-assuring yourself that no, it’s not a tiny error you missed in your resume that has disqualified you from the hundreds of jobs you’ve applied to in publishing. Patience, patience. Instead of running around like a crazy person then dramatically scrabbling around in a corner whining and eating macaroni and cheese, try telling yourself that it’s OK.

Kraken, my boyfriend’s tailless cat with a limp that has clawed, bitten, and maimed his way into my heart, reminds me daily that patience, commitment and lack of sleep can all be great fuel for writing heartfelt cover letters, and that this tolerance can also translate into the long days we will all be working when we get our entry-level jobs in editorial. As this vengeful kitty reminds me via hunting my face at 3am, 5am, 6am, and then finally at 7am when I can no longer resist the urge to drop-kick his furry butt, there is always tomorrow, be patient, and enduring a certain level of abuse is normal in getting where you need to go. Also, don’t get a cat 🙂


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