Anatomy of a Shopping Bag (Concealer of Sins)

As a low-maintenance, earthy kind of gal making a transition to city living, I wasn’t surprised to see designer shopping bags in the arms of many women in my area. Zara, Burberry, Michael Kors, Cole Haan…what struck me a few days in was seeing women piled high with shopping bags at Image7:30am on the train. Seriously ladies…the sun is barely up on a weekday and you’re already shopping?

Aside from my normal obsessions of music, books, and good dark chocolate, my girly (and best-kept indulgence) is my shoe collection. After prancing to and from the subway in heels my first week here, I was transformed into a limping, deformed, sad shade of my previous self. In shame, I winced all the way home, no market or roast beef involved, vowing never to let anything come between me and my converse ever again.

Apparently it wasn’t the expendable budgets of these mystery women I was looking at, but their street smarts and drive to stay fashionable (my lack of vision first thing in the morning definitely led me astray). I’d always wondered how these women made appearances in great shoes without needing an ice bath or a thousand band-aids. I present to you the attractive upscale shopping bag, stylish (and work-appropriate) vessel of homemade food, art projects, hair supplies, secrets, and best of all, flats. Here I was thinking that the New York woman was a well-dressed, impatient, stiletto-wielding and totally unimpressed figure. Well, maybe she is…but I underestimated her resourcefulness, creativeness, and her ability to show me the ropes without saying a word.